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Întrebări Frecvente
Nume de domeniu
Name Server (DNS)

Nume de domeniu

1. Ce este .MD?
.MD is a Top Level Internet Domain (TLD).
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2. Who owns .MD?
The TLD, .MD, is the country code assigned to the Republic of Moldova by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). MoldData, has signed an exclusive agreement to administer and distribute domain names within the .MD domain.
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3. Does everyone qualify for a .MD domain?
All individuals and corporations are welcome in the .MD domain.
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4. What is a domain name?
A domain name is simply an address on the Internet. Rather than having to remember a difficult series of numbers (for example,, you can type in the textual address, like www.nic.md. The registered domain name will not be used to disseminate sexual or pornographic content, to advocate the use of terrorism, to disseminate disparaging information about any third party, or to send or be associated with the sending of unsolicited commercial email ("spam").
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5. What is the difference between a top-level domain (TLD) and a second level domain?
Each part of a domain name is separated by a period, or a "dot." The top level is the part of the domain that is to the right of the last dot. .MD is a Top Level Domain.
The second level Domain is the part of the address between the "www" and the "MD". Register in the address www.nic.md is a second level Domain.
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Registration Questions

6. How do I register?
Registration is easy. Select the Domain name(s) that you want to register, go to www.nic.md and register.
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7. How do I cancel my registration?
You can cancel your registration at any time. However, you do not get a refund for any portion of the term not used. In order to cancel your registration you will need to send a notarized letter stating that you would like to terminate your agreement with us.

Please send the letter (or fax 373 22 544956) to "MoldData", Armeneasca,37/1 str. Chisinau, MD2012, Republic of Moldova. Also, if you choose not to renew your domain name, your registration will be cancelled automatically.
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8. How many domain names can I register?
Any quantity.
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Domain Name Server (DNS) Questions

9. What does DNS stand for?
DNS stands for Domain Name Server.
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10. What is an IP address?
IP stands for Internet Protocol.
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Search Questions

11. How do I search for available domain names?
You can use our "who is" search function to search for available domain names. Please go to http://www.nic.md/ to look for available domain names.
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Pricing Questions

12. How much does it cost?
Cost of a domain name will be indicated at registration or at renewal.
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Billing Questions

13. How do I pay for my domain name?
Upon registering your domain name you will be asked for credit card information. At that time, we will validate the credit card, and charge it for the cost of the domain name. We accept Visa, PayPal. We also accept bank transfer.
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14. How can I register/renew a domain name without a credit card?
You can register/renew without a credit card. We accept bank transfer to:
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15. How do I contact someone regarding billing questions?
You can reach our billing department by emailing us at support@nic.md
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16. How will I be billed?
During the registration process you will supply a credit card or bank transfer for the registration. When it is time to renew your domain name, you will receive an email instructing you on how to renew your domain name.
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Renewal Questions

17. How do I renew my domain name?
We license domain names on per-year terms as selected when you register. You, the Registrant, are responsible for renewing your domain names prior to the expiration of the selected term.
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18. How do I change information associated with my domain name?
See home page on www.nic.md
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19. What is private information and public information for the domain registration?
During the registration process for the domain name the registrant will provide both public and private information. The public information is the contact information necessary to contact you. This includes the information associated with the administrative, technical, and billing contact. However, we do not sell or redistribute any names list to third parties. The private information you supply is any information associated with payment of the registration license. How you pay, how much you pay, and when you pay is not disclosed to any party.
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